Generic Lispro [Humalog] Insulin - Half Price

Eli Lilly Company has announced that a generic version of Humalog will soon be available.

Lilly will begin selling an “authorized generic” of Humalog 100 for $137.35 per vial, a 50 percent discount off the list price. An authorized generic means that, except for the label, it is identical to the brand-name drug and manufactured in the same facilities. The new product, which the company said would be made available as quickly as possible, will be called Insulin Lispro.

Lilly’s posting is at:

From personal experience, I expect that you may pay a higher price than the listed $137.35 when buying a local outlets; over the weekend, the Humalog I bought at Walgreens had a list price of $324.99 - well more than two times the Lilly price of 137.35.

Thanks for sharing Dennis. This is great news.

I saw this on Facebook - and this is great news! Although, it really makes you wonder - if it was as simple as they make it sound, what the hell took so long?