Georgetown basketball star diagnosed

Austin Freeman, a standout basketball player for Georgetown, was just diagnosed after feeling sick all the weekend. I was at the game on Saturday, and he played a little but he looked like he felt awful!

The strange thing about the article (at least in my opinion) is that it says they won't be able to determine which type he has for a month.  When I was diagnosed, it took them about 2 seconds to determine which kind I had, and I was the same age as Austin is now. 

I know, It seems obvious to me that he's T1? Maybe they're waiting for blood work to get back.

I just switched from his endo mentioned in the article to another, and I'm so glad, b/c he'll have no time for other patients if he's going to every practice and game!

P.S. I'm a Georgetown alum and I hope this gets them winning their games again, LOL.

interesting...blood tests take minutes, including blood sugar, A1C's (even have immediate tests for this now), and immuno- tests to determine if you're body is still fighting itself. Most likely the delay is that someone doesn't want to make a mistake and claim it's one thing in an article (PR move) until they have the actual results from the DR in their hands.

I wish him luck. I was a college athlete with Diabetes (not a star like this guy though), so hopefully some stupid arrogant coach/trainer doesn't try to tell him to quit now.