Get Diabetes, Go Broke

Diabetes News Hound ran an article this morning about the rising cost of having diabetes and the struggles of those without adequate health insurance. You can read the full article here. Essentially it says that due to the struggling economy and other factors more people with diabetes are turning to free clinics, putting strains on those non-profits to help the masses. Additionally, the article notes a particular problem for those diabetics living in Texas.

Have you experiences financial repercussions because of the disease?


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Yeah!  I live in Texas, I don't have health insurance and I have put over $200 in insulin on my credit card in the last month!

OMG! Kate I just saw your post. I had to do the same thing a couple of weeks ago. They wanted to charge me $193 dollars for Humalog and I HAVE INSURANCE. I am with Anthem Blue Cross of CA and they have a $250 formulary deductible before your co pay even kicks in(no matter what type of plan you are on). As if the cost of living in CA isn't expensive enough, the cost of being a diabetic in CA is expensive too. Bah!


I am not sure if you see an endo but if you do ask if they could help you out. When I was having trouble paying for my supplies my doctor gave me free samples. Just a suggestion.

Yeah... She does help me with that.  I just live in Texas and she is in FL, so I have to fly down to see her.  Which is totally worth it, but yeah, I ran out of my samples and had to go to the pharmacy...