Get out your calculators

Approximately, How many shots have you taken in your lifetime???

Drum roll please...  my number is... within a few hundred...  I think...  

38,800  (that's alot of years)

What's your number???


468..give or take a few


that's with only taking into account needles i HAVE to take. it's not taking into account correction dose needles, or extra needles.

13years of 4 needles a day, before random corrections.

2years of 7needles a day(2shots of lantus a day, 5 needles for meals plus two snacks a day) but not taking into account correction doses.


i think if i actually knew how many needles i took everyday, the number would be more in the 30k.

See, that's where I take the good with the bad because for the first 15 years I only took one shot a day... back then that WAS good control...