Getting a new pump!

so i just wanted to let everyone know that i am finally getting a new insulin pump! so ready to get my A1C under control! im tired of living in the world of a 14% A1C! it sucks! i dont ever feel good! but im finally going to be able to get on the right track! im happily married and my husband is the best support ive ever had (other then my parents). it feels great to know that my husband is sooooooo supportive and happy that im getting back on my pump. he misses the way i use to be before we got married, when i was still on my pump! and we are excited to be able to start a family when my A1C gets where it needs to be so we can have a healthy baby! and i desperately need to be in the normal range again. i absolutely do not want to go through another miscarriage. its the worst pain in the world to have to WRITE your husband while he is away for training for the USAF and tell him that his wife has miscarried their child. and i swore on my life that i would never let that happen again. so in closure im very excited to be getting on the pump again! and i will try to keep everyone updated and i hope that if i have any questions in the future that you all will be able to answer them!

Congratulations! You sound happy, excited, and well motivated. Best of luck with everything, especially starting a family.


thanks! yes im very excited! ive gone through 2 miscarriages bc i didnt have my diabetes controlled and im ready to do things right this time!

Best of luck Amanda. Children are precious, and you will soon see for yourself. Get on track for you first with your diabetes, and the rest will follow.