Getting a new pump!

Well, Ive been waiting for about 3 weeks now and finally heard from Animas Friday that i am getting a ping with no out of pocket expense! I am so excited! I was given financial assistance witch is such a blessing! Ive had a paradigm 712 for about 6 years now and it is really tore up and i have needed a new pump but wasnt sure where to start. So i called both animas and minimed and had them looking into the financial end and what my insurance would do. I asked about financial aid and had A LOT of paperwork to fax in but when it came down to the wire Animas got me 1100 dollars financial aid where as Minimed could only do 600. Which both amounts are great help but i obviously went with the Ping. So i should be getting my pink ping delivered on Wednesday. Both companies ended up having great customer service...which made it hard to call Minimed back and tell them i chose Animas!

that is awesome! congrats!! I have a pink ping too =) you are going to love it...the remote meter is soo handy!

Congrats Stephanie!  :)  I also got my silver Ping at no cost to me.  Best free thing I ever got.  :D

I love your picture w/ the PINK Ping.  Mine is black.  More conservative I guess...

Congrats!  We love Emmies ping, it is pink too!  You will love the remote meter, very cool feature.

-Meg (Emmies mom, diagnosed 10/29/09 at age 4)