Getting a Pump! (Animas)

I just got a voicemail tonight that Animas got my insurance company to approve me for the pump!!!  I was sure I'd have to wait the full six months that their written policy calls for (I was only diagnosed in early May), but I think they were able to convince them based on the fact that we were trying for a baby and plan to start again as soon as my endo says my bg is stable enough.

And THANK GOODNESS.  The pens make the shots themselves pretty easy to deal with, but I was starting to get frustrated with being limited to full units.  I'd be high, but not quite high enough to justify a full unit of Novolog without any food.  Now, I'll get to be more precise.  Plus, maybe the adjustable basal rates will make it easier to exercise without going low.

Now, the Dexcom people are starting to push my insurance company for approval.  That would just rock, seriously.  If they work with even just enough accuracy to warn you about approaching extreme numbers, then I don't see why they aren't more commonly used... other than the fact that insurance doesn't want to pay for them.

Anyway...  I'M SO EXCITED!  I'm going to go look at my pump color options again.  :)

CONGRATS!!  That's very exciting news!  :)  I'm happy that the process moved along so quickly for you, and I hope the Dexcom approval goes just as quickly.  Animas and Dexcom are my favorite robot parts...  :)

Ha!  I've been joking that when I get a pump, I'll be a cyborg.  :)

Congratulations! i have the pink animas ping, and i love the pink :D

Emmie started the pump last week and we love it!  She has the ping in pink.  It is a cool pink, not baby pink.  I am loving it because I can dose her for what she is actually eating instead of making her eat more or trying to put the plunger a little bit under the line or over the line.  She loves all the cool accessories.  Start checking out some on line like the different holders so when you wear a dress it is not an issue. 

Good luckwith the upcoming pregnancy!

-Meg (Emmies mom, diagnosed 10/29/09 at age 4)