Getting a Pump Sometime this Year

I recently had a doctor's appointment and we talked about getting a pump. I have researched the 3 she recommended to me and can't really decide. I have looked at past forums about the pump I was considering, and that really changed my mind. I just don't know which one I should get anymore. Here are the 3 choices:

  • OmniPod
  • MiniMed
  • Animas

Please tell me the positives and negatives and everything in between. Thanks!

Oh Yeah! And what is a PDM and a CGM? What do they do and how do they work?

Each has it's own benefit.

Omnipod is tubeless, I believe it's waterproof?

Animas is waterproof and comes in a lot of bright colors.

Minimed lets you not  have to re-enter the amount of insulin suggested for a bolus (small thing but im told it does get annoying with animas)