Getting a pump soon FINALLY!

I've been wanting a pump for about three of my six diabetic years and the doctors finally agree that I need one!! The dietition called my mom today and asked if we were ready to order. My mom is calling back tomorrow with everything and hopefully soon I'll be pumping!! Its taken a lot of work lots of testing and writing everything down...but I think it might be starting to pay off!! :)

Congrats, Janna!  Good luck with pumping, and be sure to keep us all informed about how things are going.  If you have any questions please feel free to ask!


Your gonna love pumping, it makes life so much easier! what pump are you going on?

Congrats on getting a pump.  I actually just got mine and started on a saline trial this week.  As long as everything goes well I'll be starting on insulin next week.  I'm so excited!!!  I agree its alot of testing and alot of writing stuff down and monitoring but it's sooo totally worth it.  My husband is on a pump and it has helped him so much.  

I'm going on the medtronic minimed