Getting a pump tomorrow

We have decided on an Animas Ping for my daughter. It was down to that or the Medtronic. We like the remote idea and the possibility of integrating it with the Dexcom when that is available.

Are there any drawbacks to the Ping that we should watch that anyone knows about?

Congrats to your daughter on starting the pump! I just started the pump 2 months ago. Honestly, I can't believe I waited so long. It truely is the best thing that I've done. I don't have much insight on the Ping. I have a Medtronic Minimed. Soon to start on the CGMS - yeah! I thought about the Ping, but chose the Medtronic for the CGMS. I thought I would miss not having a remote, but I really don't think it's that big a deal. Now, I just think it'd be just another thing to misplace.

Good luck and I hope she has a smooth transition!

Animas has a great pump. I know many people online who use the Ping, and none of them have had any complaints that I can remember. I think you can have the Dexcom added at a later date, when it becomes available. The fact that you can bolus using increments as small as 0.025 units is frequently an advantage for children, since they are usually very sensitive to insulin.

I bet your daughter wants the pink Ping. Is that right? Lol!

I would have thought that she wanted the pink too but she chose the green, Her room is a wild combination of green and pink. She already has a pink skin for it the rep left with us. 

I've been on the Ping for 10 months (and on two other models of Animas pumps for the last 6 years). I've been racking my brain for an issue with the Ping. The only thing I can think of is that the battery needs to be replaced every month. But I've been told that might be because the batteries are old.  Besides that, no issues at all. It's a joy to have.

My 8 year old has had the green Ping now for almost 6 months and we love it!  I, too, narrowed it down to the Medtronic or the Animas.  I think they are both great pumps with their own advantages.  What sold me was 1. the remote meter which I think is the best thing since sliced bread 2. it is water proof, not that I trust it but it's nice to know if she gets thrown into a pool, the pump should be ok and 3. the fact that it will eventually integrate with the Dexcom CGM. We haven't had any trouble with the pump at all.  I hope you find the pump a great aid in managing your daughter's D!

My four year old has been on the Ping for just over a year and loves it - it has made a world of difference - Good Luck