Getting Back into Soccer

Hi Everyone! I am 30yr old and was just put on the pump in Oct 09. I played soccer all my life but when I was diagnosed in 03 I stopped playing.  I did try indoor once but it was too hard to keep my surgars under control.  I would love to start playing again and now that I'm on the pump I figure it might be a little easier.  Any advice or suggestions on how I can start this process? I plan on running once all this snow melts here in Indy so what should I be looking out for?  I figured I would keep it on while running but not while playing soccer. 

Thanks in advance


There are many schools of thought on contact sports like soccer.  Typically, removing the pump during activity is ideal (you don't want someone ripping your set out from the tubing).  Starting >150 is preferable.  Watch your IOB and COB -- insulin and carbs.  Have more carbs than insulin onboard as you settle in to a schedule.  If it's a competitive league and you are going to be running hard -- you'll need to figure out how much to reduce your basal by before you start playing (reducing the IOB further).