Getting back on track

Vacations are awesome, but last week’s break unfortunately also turned into a vacation from eating right, controlling my blood sugar, and exercise. Oops.

It all started going down hill as soon as my sinus/ear infection set in at the beginning of the week. Instead of waking with perfect 90-110 blood sugars, I began my days closer to 250. Whenever I start out that high, I find it hard to come back down throughout the rest of the day. And of course I didn’t feel up to visiting the gym, which only contributed further to my sky rocketing numbers. Read more at my blog Collegeveganista...

I know this was posted in April but I see it went unanswered :( For future use.. Are you giving yourself the correct amount of insulin according to your sliding scale when you're high? Also, when you get sick you want to make sure and call your doctor to see about adjusting insulin amounts. :)