Getting coverage for the dexcom

I just learned about the dexcom and my insurance won’t cover this. Has anyone had any issues with there insurance not covering this or can you give advice on how I can fight it so that it is covered?

Hi Andria @Andrea82,
You didn’t provide enough information about “what insurance” for anyone to provide real assistance; such as insurance carrier, individual plan or employer sponsored plan and you choice of coverage level.

A bit of information if you are on an employer sponsored group oplan - I worked for a time in corporate risk management. Large employers are usually “self insured” and hire an insurance company for management. What this means, the employer decides what is and what is not to be covered over and above usual basic benefits; CGM may be an option your employer did not select so the insurance company providing management [Blue Cross, United, Cigna, etc.] has told YOU there isn’t coverage for CGM.
If this is the case, you might be able to work with your company Benefits Manager and argue your case for an exception to the rule; works better if you are a “value to the company”. Be positive in your arguments, non-confrontational and push the point that you are important and will be more able to perform better.

good Luck. "f you have a non-group plan, think about other insurance options if your appeal is not granted; a doctor’s letter will be essential.

I have coverage through green shield which I heard is pretty bad for covering these types of things it is through my employer .