Getting Nervous

Hi All!

T minus 1 month and I hope to start trying to get pregnant.  I am getting very nervous the closer it gets to being a reality!  I suppose that is normal and natural as with any new situation in life.  My last a1c was 6.0, so in terms of that, I am where I need to be...I still have ups and downs though...going from 45 to 140 occasionally.  This doesn't happen too often, but I know that the consistency with daily BGs is important in pregnancy too and I just can't figure out how to keep my BGs close together ALL the time.  Any advice to ease a worried soul???

Thanks for your help!  :)


It's very nervewracking, and I'll tell you this - that part doesn't stop when you do get pregnant! For me, I got my A1c down to 7% before I became pregnanyt thanks largely to changing to the pump and wearing it for nearly a year beforehand. It sounds like you are still in a better place then me - I am about 4.5 months along and my BGs swing all over the place - I still have some in the 200s (but I am figuring out that is mostly due to me miscalculating the carb intake and also the length of time it takes for something I have eaten to be absorbed). The hardest thing for me to accept is that you can't make it perfect all the time - I have days where I measure my food, don't snack on anything bad, exercise, etc. and I will still get a wonky blood sugar - it is very frustrating, but all you can do is your best. My doctor wants me to be at 120 as much as humanly possible, which I have come to realize can't be 100% of the time - as much as I would like it to be, and as hard as I try to make it be. It sounds like you are already in a great place, so you should be very proud of that! If you work closely with your endo and your OB, I bet you will do just fine! Good luck to you, can't wait to hear how it goes!



I think it would be nervous! I am 12 weeks along with my pregnancy. I wasn't planning it and I really was not prepared for it. I found out just after finding out my A1C was 9.3. It was about a month ago and over that time I have got a CGM. I also have got much better control in real quick time! 

I am having problems with lows during the pregnancy, not my normal highs. I just keep checking, 8-20 times a day. I see my current OB once a week and will soon all my care will be transfered to a high risk OB. I am hoping that with the CGM my fingers can get a little rest! 

Try not to worry too much and just keep doing what you are already doing, and more when you are able. Having your A1C down to 6.0 you have to be doing a lot right! I don't know what you use for your diabetes therapy, but a CGM, from my point of view, IS worth it! 

To ease your worried soul, well my baby is doing great! Despite everything with my body, the baby is growing normal, has a real strong heart beat, and the doctors are real pleased with everything. They where real concerned about my sugars when I first started with the OB, but after 2 weeks of seeing how I can change my BG results, they are real happy. I am still nervous and scared. Now it is more about the stress that my body is gonna suffer and not so much the health of the baby. Smile and think about the future! Thats what I do and everyday is a challenge at times. I am always researching and trying to find advice, and ways to help me and the baby stay healthy.

Good luck and do let us know how everything goes for you!


Hi Ladies!

Thank you so much for your advice, support, and words of wisdom.  I do feel like I am moving in the right direction, but then there are those days when I get a strange BG number and it gets me down.  That seems to be the overall trend with diabetes though..both BG-wise and emotion-wise.  I am so glad to have this site to connect with people like you guys who are in a similar boat.  Just knowing that others out there have felt the same way or experienced something similar gives me the motivation and courage to go on.  Thank you again!

Katie  :)


You are very welcome! We all have those days and we can relate with each other.

If you would like, read my blogs. is regarding my diabetes and things I try, go through, and things family has gone through. My mother will be posting some blogs on it in the near future about raising a T1D teenager. The other is about my pregnancy. How I am feeling and things I am having to deal with, being a T1D and being pregnant. 

The blogging is my mom's idea. She has many things going on over the internet and thought this would be something people would really want to read about. I am very "fresh behind the ears" with the blogging thing, but I am enjoying it!

BTW the CGM is a huge difference! I am already getting better BG readings! 

I can hardly wait to hear your news! Good luck!

MaryMartha :)

Just got my latest a1c back...5.7!  So excited!  Had to share the good news...looks like it's a go to get pregnant!  Fingers crossed!


Wow Katie!!!  That's AWESOME!!!  Congrats and get to work! ;)

YAAAAY!  That is so wonderful!  Way to go... 5.7 is like, amazing to me.  :)

I was shocked too!  I never thought it was possible, but I guess I am now proof that it is.  :)