Getting off BC and preparing my body for baby....well that is the plan

So, my husband and I have been talking more and more about having a family and I feel like the first step of course is getting off BC, but I am worried about blood sugars going off the pill.  When I went on the pill my blood sugars were running higher and every since the pill I always run higher before bed.  Has anyone had problems going off the pill??

Second question/looking for some advice......does anyone have any tips on how to prepare the diabetic body for pregnancy?  I know get the A1C down....(I am at a 7.3 now and my goal before baby is 6.5) but is there anything else?  I am not on the pump, but can I have a healthy pregnancy without the pump?

Thanks in advance!! 

Hi Sheridan,

Just so you know, I am going into my 34 week of pregnancy. I never used the pill so I can't really help you with that but, as far as getting your body ready for pregnancy that I can help with.

Of course you should ask your doctor but, some tips I would give is to check your blood at least every two hours and try not to go over 120 post meal. Thats what mine told me and it worked pretty well. Try writing everything down. Blood sugars, food log, how you feel etc. it helps the doctor figure out problem areas.

I also got over the counter prenatal gummy vitamins from Target. You want to make sure you are getting enough daily nutrients. Once you are actually pregnant they may prescribe you prenatals and folic acid as well.

Try to eat foods like on the food pyramid. Exercise 30-45 minutes if your doctor says you can. I think thats about it?

You can talk to your Endo/CDE/Nutritionist about what you should do to get your body ready they are really the ones that have a better grasp on what your body needs because everyone is different.

You said you aren't on the pump but, it truly does make it so much easier if you are on one. Especially, in the 3rd trimester where I am currently experiencing a lot of insulin resistance. My levels are changing almost daily. If I were still on shots I don't know how I would get through it.

I would put out a separate message on here to see if anyone has gone through pregnancy on manual shots to see what they say about it. I am sure you can have a healthy pregnancy on shots, people got pregnant with diabetes before pumps were even invented !!

I would go ahead and set up care with a high risk OB-GYN. You will feel much better knowing what to expect and having a professional opinion on how to prepare. I'd get my a1c down before trying (use condoms meanwhile?) Also, I'd go ahead and start a daily women's vitamin now, as well as seeing the OB about folic acid prescription. The folic acid should be in place before conception. It will be helpful to begin checking sugars more frequently (including at least once during the night), and writing everything down for your endocrinologist. I would highly recommend the pump as well because you can do much more precise dosing and fine tune things, as your body will be changing quickly once you conceive. As far as getting sugars down, it helped me a lot to take insulin for my meals about 30 mins before actually eating them to avoid a post meal spike. ONLY DO THIS IF YOU ARE SAFELY AT HOME/WORK/ETC, AND NOT DRIVING!!! Good luck!

Thank you both for the information!  It is crazy to figure out all these things you need to be thinking about before even considering baby.  And I think I will write a post about not being on the pump and pregnancy just to gain some more knowledge on it.  But thank you again!!