Getting sick easier

OK. I've noticed that ever since I was diagnosed I've been getting sick easier. I really don't know why and I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this and if anyone thinks they know why. I know this is probably a a stupid question but I would really like to know if anyone knows why. Thx!


if you have high blood sugars the body tends to be less effective at fighting off whatever is out there.  How have your numbers been?


They have been high. I've had to bump by basal rate up like three times already. They aren't as high as they were but still. They've been like in the 200s. My doctor thinks that it's because i'm exiting the honeymoon phase. If it is because of that it's about time. I've been in the honeymoon phase for 2 years.

that sounds about as long as my honeymoon lasted, my basal rate is about 13.25 units every 24 hours now even though my honeymoon ended a while ago.

wow. My basal rate now is 10.27. It used to be like 6.37. It has changed alot latley.

thats a huge jump holy cow! although I would expect it coming off the honeymoon.  What kind of pump do you have that lets you do .01 changes?

I have a minimed

I have an animas 2020. It's green! lol

I've heard good things :D

Also when you start to get sick you'll notice that your blood sugar increases slightly making it a little harder for your body to fight the sickness off...kinda a pain, but you'll have to change the basal rates or carb ratio (ask your doctor about it) when this happens.

I have he said pretty much the same thing. Just that i'll have to take more insulin. He also thinks my sugars are higher because I'm a teen. He said that usually after your out of your teen years that it will go back to normal.

yup! maybe i should be a doctor haha

yep! lol. That's what I'm planning on being. Either a pediactric endo. Or a radiologist tech then a radiologist.

Awesome! :D  School is so expensive though for all those things.

I know!!! That's why I try to keep my grades up so hopefully I'll get a scholarship.

i'll tutor you so you can get that scholarship. i get straight As. im planning on becoming a doctor too, or a marine biologist.

I get all A's if I'm lucky. I usually get a B in math that's really what I need help in. I finally got all A's this year and I got inducted into the Beata Club a.k.a (the brainaic club) lol. I would love for you to help me out though. If you could help me out in math you would be a goddess! Thx.


youre in luck! math is my strongest subject!

Yay!!!!! lol. I hate math because it's my weakest subject!!!!!