Gina Capone---are you out there?

Been worried about you, post Hurricane Sandy.  Check it when you're able.

She's doing ok! She has been without power for a couple days, but has contacts and family/friends nearby who can help her out. She just let everyone know today that she and Baby Bush will be induced on Sunday! Almost time for her to be a mommy :D

Hi Guys! I just saw this! Sorry.

I have been on and offline for a while so its hard to keep track of all the forum posts!

As C said, No power or cell service since Tuesday Morning. I check the site when I can at my cousin's house who lives around the corner! Baby is coming this weekend!!! I don't really know when I will get power but, I hope sometime after I come back from the hospital because I will have to stay at family till we do get power then...

The pharmacy is closed here due to power outage but, my doctors office is giving me extra insulin vials so I don't run out! Picking that up tomorrow! I will probably ask them for more strips just in case also!

I hope everyone that has been affected by or knows someone who is on the east coast is doing ok! Please let me know if I can do anything to help them if they are in my area of Long Island, NY!

Glad to hear you are getting by! I live in west central PA we had wind and plenty of rain but no destruction. My prayers go out to all those affected by Sandy. Good luck & God bless. Congrates on becoming a new mommy!