Give me advice!

i reallllyyyy want a pump, reallly bad.  I like the idea of it , and i think it would help normalize my blood sugars, but i just dont know if i want something stuck in me allll the time. Can someone tell me about it ? All i here is doctors talk about it, not anyone thats actually had it . 

Hey Rhena, I have a pump, the OmniPod and its really quite nice. You cant even notice it  (most of the time) and it helps out allot. I used to take up to 7 shots a day. I thought it was WAYY to much, so did my endos. Thats when I was introduced to the OmniPod. Anyways, the Pod is pretty big, id say like 13 times bigger that a regular infusion set that most other pums use. So if u dont get the omnipod, you would notice it even LESS! I definitly would say a pump is a great option. And having the catheter in you all the time is not that bad. Only difference will be you have to be careful not to hurt the area of the insertion site. Oh, and its lots of less holes in your body :) I went from 7 a day to 1 time every 3 days. What a relif! :)

I have a minimed pump and it's AMAZING. seriously if i had to go back on shots i don't know what I'd do. once you get used to it, you really don't notice it anymore, and it makes life so much easier. there's a lot more freedom- you can eat when you want, essentially, and don't have to stab yourself all the time. i hate changing my set but it's only ten minutes out of every three days, so compared to injections it's so much better. you should definitely get the pump, it rocks!

Thats a trur fact, its who you are that also depends which one is better for you, thats why so many people say 'my pump rocks!!' But if everyone were to just shuffle there pumps... not many would be happy. Its depends who you are... I suggest the Omnipod... yet again, it might not work with who you are... :)

My 5 year old daughter just started using the minimed last December. We all love it. She is rather proud of it too.. She likes to show it off, Of course things may change as she gets older. The only thing I don't like about it is the fact it has no built in light. Many times we check her in the middle of the night and have to give her a bolus, but we have to turn on the lights to see what we are doing.  Other than that. It's great...

Here is a comparison video from 1happydiabetic.. Check it out.


Which model of the minimed do you have. The 522/722 has a built in light. Granted the display at night is nice and green, but it does the job. Or are you referring to the fact that the buttons do not light up?

Your right..  Sorry about that. It does have a built in light. We usually keep her pump locked, when we unlock it the light comes on and we can bolus, But by the time the bolus is finished it is dark again. I always want to lock it back and I don't want to go pressing buttons unless I can see what I'm doing.



I have a minimed 715, and if the light goes dark when you're at a screen like the bolus screen, if you press the light button (down arrow) and the bolus button at the same time, the light will go on. I don't know if this is what you mean or if it applies to yours, but it might?

Thanks for the tip. I'll try that next time.


I fought going on the pump for a long time. I was afraid of the needle (even though I was giving myself 12 injections a day!) and I really didn't want something hooked to me at the time. BEST THING I EVER DID! now it's just a beep-boop-beep to dial in insulin to the carbs. I have an Animas 2020 and i LOVE the food calculator that is built into it!