Giveaway benefiting the Walk to Cure Diabetes - Home decor, jewelry, custom logo & card design, kid's clothes/photo props, etc

Hey guys. I'm back..kinda. I'm hoping I don't get in trouble for posting this, but I really need some help spreading the word. I'm using facebook and twitter and pinterest, but only have a few entries so far.

I am raising funds for the Walk to Cure Diabetes in my town and am hosting a giveaway through my business, When Shutters Click, which makes jewelry and other items featuring my original work.

I have myself and 11 other businesses taking part in this giveaway which runs until April 20th. There are over $680 worth of prizes and as there are 12 prizes there will be 12 winners.

To enter, there is a mandatory $3 donation to my donor page via JDRF or through Paypal. After that step is done, there are 23 other ways to gain entries unlocked (liking vendors, post a comment telling me whiat you want to win, like the blog post, etc)


I'm using Rafflecopter for this giveaway, which makes it easier to pick a winner, as well as more random because it does it for me I don't have to put names in a cup, etc. You can login via facebook, so it's pretty easy to get started, no e-mails or anything cuz there's no signing up for a website.


It's open to those living in Canada and the United States. The prizes are mailed directly from the shops.


Anyways, I hope you will take a look, take part and help me spread the word about it!



  • Matching "Irish Eye" Earrings & Necklace from When Shutters Click ($25 value)
  • 8x10 frame, your choice style & colour, from Zin Frames ($53 value)
  • Dotty Full-Size Warmer and a scent bar of your choosing from Victoria Hershman, Scentsy ($40 value)
  • Wire wrapped Swarovski Ring from FaithHopeInspire Jewelry ($20 value)
  • Custom Logo Design by Popcorn Pixel ($150 value)
  • Children's Bow Tie & Suspender Set of Your Choice from Rose is a Rose Designs ($38 value)
  • Custom Business Card Design by Char Muzyka ($200 value)
  • One small & one large Leather Hair Barrettes from Labyrinth Leathercraft ($29 value)
  • Mermaid Treasure Pendant from A2Sea Creations ($20 Value)
  • One custom pair of Crafted Leather Feather Earrings from Beatniq Designs ($22.50 value)
  • $35 Gift Certificate from The Singing Photographer ($35 value)
  • $50 Gift Certificate to Kristi Nicole Photography ($50 value) OR 5 photo edits (non-locals) + $10 Gift Certificate to 4i Actions & Design action shop ($60 value)