Giving Shots through clothing

I have heard some people will do this.Is it ok to do this,what about germs?


I would wait for someone better suited to chime in on this but I will offer you what I remember reading in a snip of something or other back around 1999 (hint - the information is old, my memory is questionable and I can't relocate the reference) that the newer needles were found to be small enough that they were not carrying bacteria through the skin barrier.  The article was going on about how the alcohol step was unnecessary...  That being said... I feel I am bringing this up on very flimsy ground because I can't really offer anything at all as a citation...




i think it would work but the insulin wound not go all the way in and leave a lump under your skin the needleds for insulin are not the same as the emerguncy gokagon kite needle.

i think no.

1. it might be more like stabbing yourself than smoothly gliding the needle into the skin. so it would hurt.

2. it might break or the tip breaks causingit to be very painful wont go in all the way causing bad absorption

4. i had another reason but i currently forgot it.

Don't know about germs, and all that was written before seems correct, but --- up until recently that I'm on the pump, this is the way I used to take insulin for years!! So it does work.

As for going deep enough, I used to press a little harder to make sure it's in :)

Probably about a year after i was diagnosed I was in a JDRF support group and one of the Endocrinologists (Dr. Edelman) came to talk to us (who was diabetic himself) and gave himself a shot through his clothes. I thought it seemed weird but he said he did his own study showing that it was okay and he also said that you can reuse needles a few times safely, that they don't really get as damaged as the pictures that come in the boxes say. So, i would say as long as your clothes aren't super thick and your needle can get into you far enough I don't think its a problem to give injections through clothes.

I have no medical answers, but I have done it before many times and I never had any problems. 

I used to swim on team so lots of times I would not be able to reach a spot so I would stick it thru my swim suit!  I never had any infections or any problems with germs, hopefully that answers your questions!

I do it, probably more frequently than I should but I have yet to encounter any sort of problem with it.  I've been told that it is fine and will not cause any problems and I've been told not to.

When I was on injections I used to do it in college all the time - mainly just to freak out my friends or whip one out when I was driving - yeah, stupid but hey, it made them more understanding about the disease as they'd then ask questions.   I do it here and there now for my symlin - mainly at work if i'm too busy to step out.  I've never had an issue.  I would say, though, that you should do it like we were instructed to be safe (and save me from a law suit later for saying hey do it all the time!  :)  )

i used to think it would be bad for you but even my doctor(that is diabetic) dose it through his clothes

I sometimes bleed a little after a shot, so I'm too worried about getting blood stains on my clothes. So, a superficial reason that I don't do it!

Sarah - That just happened to me yesterday! I was wearing khaki pants, one of my only pairs of pants without holes in them. I almost never bleed, so I thought nothing of it, injeted into my thigh. Now i'm hoping the stain remover worked!


But I inject through my clothes anytime Im around people. When Im' alone, I perfer not to, because I often have bruises that I'm trying to avoid...

Kind of makes sense - I never did it but I did always hate having to lift my shirt up to poke myself in the stomach in public all the time lol

I've bleed through my jeans before.  Royal pain but it came out when I washed them. 

I used to inject through my shirts when I was with my friends - made it a little less awkward.

The only thing, like expressed above, is bleeding.

I am a t-shirt guy mainly so shots into the arm are no big deal for me.  Plus people advise me not to lift up my shirt in public because apparently I do that too much anyway.

haha I see how it is