Giving up on Omnipod

if you get failed pods, the company will send you new ones if you call it in. also if you call them about the problem they will help you and find solutions. ive had it happen many times before. but its still worth having if it delivers insulin through nigh and wireless. being a teen and being active a lot its a lifesaver. being a diabetic and thinking positively is hard. but always remind yourself on times what are your choices and how does it help you and how does it not. weigh your pros and cons. Dont give up on something that is new technology. yes people are supposed to be experts at what they do i guess but we improve every single day. never lose hope. everything is fixable. everything is possible, if you break it down. We may not like doing a lot of things and attaching stuff to our bodies, but they save us, and keep us moving and alive. if moving and feeling good is nice to feel, then i would say its worth it.