Giving up things you love bc of diabetes

Have you ever stopped doing something you love because you have type 1 diabetes? What did you give up and why?

I have modified a lot of the things I do over time. I don’t hike or camp in remote areas, I carry a cell phone whin I go walking, I only try out for theatre roles that would allow me to check my BG off-stage every half hour or so. But modifications like this still allow me to do most of the things I love.

By far the maIn thing I have had to give up is good food. I L-O-V-E food, but many things are on my “just a couple of bites once in awhile” list to keep my carbs down for the last 15 years or so, and I am now following a low-sodium diet on my endo’s advice due to beginning kidney issues. The latter has made eating out with my hubby and friends or grabbing something on the run extremely difficult and limiting. I work full time and while I have managed to make breakfasts and lunches work, we don’t have time to grocery shop every day and whip up dinners from scratch daily. I have developed an almost irrational fear of food. While I am trying to keep my spirits up, I am very depressed lately about that.

I would love to hear from anyone who has tips for making food limitations work with a busy life!

I’ve made a lot of modifications due to T1D during my 31 years with it, such as not camping/hiking in really remote areas or only taking theatre roles that enable me to check my BG every 30 minutes or so. No one-woman shows for me!

By far the biggest things I’ve given up relate to food. I L-O-V-E food, and until about 15 years ago I ate pretty much whatever kind of food I wanted within reasonable portions, and gave myself shots to try to cover it. But my control was pretty bad, so eventually I got with the program, got a pump, and really reduced my carbs. It wasn’t as hard as I thought and I was doing well with that and not feeling too restricted.

But my new endo is concerned about my kidney function (eGFR=81) and has told me to switch to a low-sodium diet, which I’m really struggling with. So many foods are really high in sodium and a limit of 1500mg/day adds up really fast. I have lost 5 lbs. (I didn’t need to) because there’s just very little I can even eat now. I’m trying to stay positive but it is very depressing to feel like I can’t go out to eat with my hubby or friends, or even grab a snack while I’m running errands. I can’t enjoy food anymore and don’t want to get irrationally obsessive about it…quite a bummer with the holidays approaching.

I would appreciate any tips anyone can provide about how to balance living a full and busy life with severe restrictions like this.

@angivan I’m sorry you’re having to do a low sodium diet. I know I’m stating the obvious, but did ACE inhibitor drugs help you have any improvement with your kidney function?

I never avoided camping or hiking in remote areas, you just have to prepare for it and cut insulin levels drastically for about the first 2-3 days of a trip. I’d also usually bring a travel alarm and wake up around 3am to test my blood sugar to make sure I didn’t have an early morning low. I’ve had diabetes since I was 4 and have solo camped, was a camp counselor a couple summers, have hiked the Grand Canyon, and camped down the beaches all along North and South Baja (back when Mexico was safe).

That’s cool that you do theater stuff too! I acted in the Denver Center Theater Company and then later did technical theater work in Chicago and was an equity stage manager. Small world!