Giving Up

Ok. So I'm not really giving up but I have been thinking about it lately for some reason. I mean I don't want to but it's like I can't take it anymore. I was wondering if any of you have ever thought about giving up just so I won't think I'm the only one.

I'm so sorry you feel this way! Actually, I think every diabetic has felt this way at some point in time. It's obviously not fun, but completely normal. Just remember to take care of yourself! Things always get better, but sometimes you have to work hard to push past the bad times and get to the good times. Keep your head up, things can only bother you if you let them! If it's more than just a temporary slump, there are plenty of people/counselors that can help you out.. don't be afraid to ask for help!

Thanks. It's actually gotten a little better than it was because I asked for help. I try to take care of myself as good as I can and my parents help out alot too. I was pretty sure that at least a few people have been through this. It's kind of nice knowing that other people know what your going through. I'm going to stick it out. My Endo also said that I would go through this and he was right. Thanks for the advice and tips. I'm going to try them and hopefully they will work. :)

Hey brittany. remember the signature you have under your says.."Yeah I'm a Diabetic but it's not gonna get to me because I won't let it!"!!! 

I have that same feeling all the time. It would just be nice to have a one day break

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Hey brittany. remember the signature you have under your says.."Yeah I'm a Diabetic but it's not gonna get to me because I won't let it!"!!! 


Yeah. I guess that it's starting to get to me. lol.

I know what you mean. It's like I've been putting up with this for almost 3 years can I at least have one day off?. lol. I've been a little better. I've talked to people and let them know what I am going through and they have helped alot.

Can you imagine if we could have one day off a year??? It would be amazing!

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Can you imagine if we could have one day off a year??? It would be amazing!


Yeah! That would be the best day of the year! I would love it when it came and would wait for it again. lol.

A day off would be unbelievable...but imagine this. Imagine that YOU are someone else whom you love very, very much. You wouldn't let that person down if you had to care for him/ her. Imagine that you ARE that person. You are someone whom others care about, and it is your (very tiring but very important) job to do this as well as you can. You are strong and EVEN WHEN NOBODY SEES IT, your hard work counts because your life counts, in more ways than you know at any given moment.

Yep, I think we all feel that way at sometime. I also was feeling that, I am way different than most. I am even a smaller group of type 1's. I was dx'ed 11/2 years ago at age 52. I was just telling someone how this sucks and my point of view has changed. If somebody offered me a million dollars or one day off of diabetes, I would take the day off!!!!!!!LOL Don't feel alone, you feel the same way as a 54 year old male newbie, can't get much more different.

Thanks you guys. All of your posts have helped me ALOT!

Hi brittany, i'm not an actually diabetic but I take care of my little 5 year old girl who is. I'm a stay at home dad cuz my heart is in horrible shape so I can at least speak from an experience level that not taking care of yourself only hurts yourself. I was born with a really bad heart and I had surgery that "fixed," it, rather patched it up for 25 years. Well not taking care of myself and going to the doctors like I should have made for a very unexpected surprize. One day I thought I was fine and dandy, and the next the doctors at the university were telling me I need a heart transplant in the very near future. And well, about six eight months later my heart took a turn I never expected, and had I gone to the doctors like I should have and been on the meds I needed this could have be pushed off for a few more years. And now I have two beautiful little girls to take care of and A wife I love. So all those years I didn't care what happened, has really really came back to bite me hard, and I can't take it back. And too be honest I feel my daughters diabetes is so much harder than my heart issues.  some times Ellies diabetes is so hard, I mean it's constant, it's always in the room looking at you. We have to do this cuz of the diabetes, we need to do that cuz of the diabetes. I hate diabetes!! I hate what it does to my baby, I hate the way she has to miss out on things, always has to wait to go play cuz she needs some "play carbs." But, it is what it is, for now we can do nothing about it but do the best job we can, and we try hard, really hard, some times too hard. We love our daughter,so we love everything about her, and we have to except the diabetes as part of who she is. By the way we would never let Ellie know how we feel about the diabetes, we act like it's just part of life, like everyone has it.

So in closing Brit, the diabetes sucks, but it does make you a stronger person, I would bet your a lot stronger willed and way excepting of other kinds of people than your friends, and that makes you a good person. So just stay strong, never care what other people say or think cuz basically they are all idiots and people are scared of what they dont understand. I didn't take my shirt off in front of peope till I was like 14 cuz of my scar, and one day I thought, "to hell what people think!" and took it off, I never felt better than it just let it be who I was. So good luck and stay strong!  


All of us diabetics feel like giving up at times. It's so incredibly tempting, to try and get away from all this - which even on a good day can mean rollercoastering numbers. I've been Type 1 since age 5, and I am currently 30 yrs old. With basically no complications, just early traces of some. My teen years were tough and A1Cs when higher than they EVER should, but that helped motivate me to get on track. Even in the rough times, and I've had my share, we must keep up the testing and everything in our D-care to make sure we have the chance to be around and live a wonderfully full life. I've found that talking to my wife and pastor, and even connecting online with other members in the Diabetes Online Community, and sharing my frustrations and fears and all, helps incredibly. Find a way to do that - it helps so much.

In the meantime, my best wishes to you, Brittany. Take care!

Thanks everyone. This is really helping alot. Mozez your story really touched me (made me cry pretty much.) I've learned a few things :

1.) Why should I care what other people think about me?

2.) To always think positive.

3.) That I'm not alone in this.

4.) That I have some amazing friends on Juvination.

5.) That I could have it a whole lot worse.

Brittany <3

Brittany,keep up all the good care you have been doing....Exciting things are coming!! Such as the Artificial Pancreas and one day the cure for type1 :)

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Brittany,keep up all the good care you have been doing....Exciting things are coming!! Such as the Artificial Pancreas and one day the cure for type1 :)


Yeah! Meme you just cheered me up!

So I went to church this morning and my preacher started talking about "storms" of life. He said that you just have to let God take control and lead you through those storms. He said that some of them aren't your fault. You can't help that your sick or anything like that. He also said that you just have to give God the reigns and let him lead you through. I know now that God gave me this disease for a reason and that I need to except it. Which I have but I guess I've just been trying to deny it.

i feel like that all the time. but what keeps me going is the hope taht soon there will be a cure or something that will make d care better and less painful.

I've never really felt like giving up before but right now I do.  It's so frustrating to feel awful when you theoretically shouldn't!  There are always people worse off than we are though.  At least we have safe insulin and pumps and CGMs.  Diabetes sucks, but like Melanie said, there is hope for a cure and we have the power to further it and other possible treatment options.

Yep! :)