Glandular fever?

I was diagnosed with it 5 days ago and blood sugars are going suprisingly well, I've had ketones a couple of times and a very rough 24 hours but am going okay considering everything.

Have any of you had glandular fever while being a diabetic? What was your recovery time (considering our dodgy immune systems)? How did it effect you? how long are people contagious for?

Any answers or other general info would be a great help


Hi Sophie - When I was in college, I believe I did have Mono (glandular fever), though I was never formally diagnosed with it. I remember during that time, my levels were a little shaky for about a month. I remember feeling run down most of the time. Keep in mind, it will affect people differently. Just keep monitoring your levels and act accordingly. Also, maintain communication with your doctor and/or CDE if something comes up. I hope you recover quickly and without much "diabetic distress" lol Feel better!!


I had mono about 4 years ago, but my only symptoms were enlarged lymph nodes.  Other than that, I think it was several weeks before I was no longer considered contagious, and I don't remember it affecting my blood sugars at all.  I hope it's not too rough for you and that you feel better soon!

I've had mono twice (once when I was 15 and again a year later when I was 16), which is really unusual; most people onlyget it once. I'm thinking that the second episode actually triggered my autoimmune attack, which lead to me developing Type 1 Diabetes. I can't really tell you anything about having mono with diabetes, but the first time I had it, it took me about 3 months to fully recover (gain all of my energy back) and the second time was about 2 months. Unfortunately, you can still be contagious after the symptoms have subsided. That is how I got it in the first place. Once of my friends had recovered from mono and a couple weeks later at cross country practice we shared water bottles and about a month later my symptoms showed up for the first time. Good Luck!