Glooko Cord: Is It Worth It?

First off, kudos to Glooko ( for brining this cord and app to market but c'mon . . . $40 for a cord?

I'm wondering if you can get a cord like this and use it with the app:

Anyone out there care to try it out and report back?

If it works, I think Glooko should get busy making the app better and charging for that, rather than gouging us for a simple cord.

I've asked my husband to get Glooko for me for Christmas, but if he doesn't take the hint I'll get it myself soon after.  

Found out I also need to get a newer One Touch Ultra Mini for the Glooko.  I've got several, but none new enough to have the port needed for Glooko cable.  Thankfully they're only about $20.  It all adds up, but it's priceless to use the meters I love and get log book data from it.  

My endo will be thrilled because I use a bunch of different meters (one in purse, one at office, one in gym bag, one by bed) and Glooko let's you download multiple meters into one report.