I recently went to an Expo and ran into some people selling reliv. They overheard me telling someone I was diabetic and told me they had this supplement for diabetics: Glucaffect. I kinda don't know if I believe that it works. They say it helps regulate your blood sugars, bringing them down when they're high and up when they're low. Has anyone heard of this or used it or know how it works?

It's a dietary supplement. It looks bogus to me but I'm not a doctor. Ask your endo about it. I am curious about it now though.

If you read just the little snippet of information they say on this website it looks to me as if (if it did work) it would be for people with Type 2. It talks about healthy weight loss and such.


"A public change to healthier lifestyles with more physical activity and better nutrition, including caloric
restriction, is required to address the obesity epidemic."

"Our rationale was to prolong the satiety of overweight volunteers by supplementation with a proprietary
formulation Glucaffect™ which delays absorption of carbohydrates."

These are both directly from their website when you click on clinical trial.

I agree with Courtney. If it's like almost every other diabetic supplement out there, it's geared toward Type 2.

That's what i asked and they told me it was for type 1 and 2, so I asked how that could work. It sounded like it just helps you have better circulation... which is mostly for type 2. The lady there did tell the guy there that they needed to learn more about diabetes... not great sales people :) So who knows

I tried Glucaffect and didn't see any changes at all... it does have some beneficial ingredients like ALA, Pycogenol and Omega 3s -- but they don't state individual amts of each ingredient. I wasn't thinking that I was getting a large enough amt of each. So I switched to individual supplements like ALA, Pycogenol etc that I could control the amounts that I was taking each day -- saw much better and definitive results that way...