Glucagon Emergency Kit

How many kits do you have and where do you  keep them ? I have one new one that has been put in small purse along with meter ect. That stays on the go, but do I need to buy a extra one ?  I just wondered where others had theirs ?

We have 3.  One in Montana's bag, one in my purse and one that stays at school or at home if she is out of school.

You keep one in your purse?? that hasnt been suggested to me...I thought about it (I'm fairly newly diagnosed) but only keep a tube of glucose in my purse. I have a glucagon at home and at school.

I bought my daughter a small red purse to keep her favorite meter ect. in. The black zip up bag that came with her meter would always get lost around the house. I started putting the glucagon in the zipper part ,so it would not be left behind when she stays overnight at friends house.I do need another one to put back on the shelf. And that little red purse has worked out good for us.It's not bright red,easy to spot,and she drops it into her larger purse.

I used to have a couple, then my insurance decided they weren't "essential". I figured after 20 years and no need to use them I'd just stop replacing them.

The hospital stressed how important it was to have one when I was diagnosed.  We kept it in the fridge and years later my mother finally threw it out.  I haven't had one since.  I now live alone and don't think it would do any good.  Before I got my pump I had serious lows at home, overnight/early morning.  Even if I had a kit it wouldn't have done any good because I wouldn't have been able to use it.  I'm not sure if anyone at my job would be willing to use one if I ever needed it.  They are good as calling 911, though!

 we have three. one at school, one at home, and one in his "pack" that has all his stuff we need when on the go

I have one...somewhere....

I think it's in my track bag that way I always have it when I'm at practice or meets.

I've never had one. maybe when i was first diagnosed, but even then i dont think so.

i used to have the gel (that's not the same thing right?) but we never used it. it got moved from house to house but we never actually looked at expired a few years before i found it again in a move a few years back.

This thread made me wonder -- where has Meme been? I hope her daughter is doing well. Anyone know?

I keep a glucogon kit in my purse and in my husband's bedside table. I got better about it when I was low a lot my 1 st trimester of pregnancy. Although ... I should probably check the dates again.

I guess I am the only one with a million of these things. I am really bad at remembering where I put things, so I have a few scattered around. Its probably not the best idea, considering most if not all of them are probably expired but oh well. 

I have one, which I keep in my purse.  My endo originally brought it up but didn't seem to think it's all that essential.  It was barely even a solid "suggestion."

I kept it at home in the bathroom cabinet until a CDE made these kits sound like a big deal.  She thought I should also have one at work and make sure I teach someone how to use it.  And then, while we were at the mall, my husband asked if it might be a good idea for me to carry one.  He said, "Iif something happened to you here, I'd have no idea what to do."  I totally get that.

So, I decided one in the purse was the best option.  No matter where I am, I have my purse.  I don't make a big deal out of it, and just casually told two people at work about the kit always being in my purse and showed them that the simple directions are right inside the lid.

I find it interesting that with the CDEs I've worked with, they're almost grave about my diabetes.  It's like they think I could keel over at any second.  My endo, on the other hand, is pretty laid back.  She warned me about all the same things the CDEs did, but I definitely didn't leave her office feeling like I have to check my BG every 5 minutes or face certain death.

I've had diabetes for 33 years and have never used one (though my family did keep one in the fridge for years).  Frankly, if you're that bad off an ambulance has usually been called. 

I only have one these days and it stays with my other diabetes-related paraphernalia. I've never even come close to using one in over ten years so I've stopped buying two or three of them over the years..

I always keep one in my purse.

Thankfully, it's been years since one has needed to be used!

I was given one when i was first diagnosed and i remember eventually finding it a few years later in a drawer in my room and threw it out. Currently I have 2 that were prescribed to me over a year ago by a new endo who "insisted" I needed to have them around, but they have not left my fridge since. In the past decade I've had D I have never had a dramatic low or needed help from someone else... other than when I'm lazy and feel a low coming on so I will whine to my bf or mom to go get me juice. :-P