Glucagon question

Is there a generic form of glucagon? I went to pick up a new gluc. Rx today and my insurance co-pay has gone up to $75. I find that ridiculous b/c it's a necessary life-saving thing and as far as I know, there's no other brand. But, maybe there's another type that I don't know about?? Thanks for your help!

If there is I'm unaware of them.  I'm commenting to bump this back up for you :)

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Is there a generic form of glucagon?


I think glucagon was around before modern drug copyrights.  I think Eli Lilly and Allscripts Healthcare Solutions both make glucagon.  I never heard of allscripts before but they came up on a google search.   I think glucagon is expensive because of it's relatively very low demand and that it's hard to make (r-DNA origin and sterile lyophilization).