My doctors said that many diabetics never have to use the Glucagon/emergency shot. How many of you have had to receive a Glucagon shot before?

Hi Aaron,we have never used it,so far my daughter can feel the lows coming and treat. It is on my mind and we have it near,just in case.

I gave myself a glucagon injection when I maintained a dangerously low blood sugar for a few hours and couldn't keep down any juice/sugar/food.

so far twice unresponsive 3 year old the first time and 7 year old with the flu( it was glucagon or hospitialization my parents gave me a choice)!!

I haven't had to use it before, but I make sure to keep it on hand just in case.

I've always been able to sense lows, and I test so much I don't miss most of it.

The really dangerous lows are when people have been drinking.

heyy dana mite i say im only 13 and i have had more than 10 dangerous lows and not suppriseingly i dont drink

I've used it quite a few times since being diagnosed 25 yrs. ago. I usually have been unresponsive and on my way to the ER. I haven't had a glucagon shot since 2001, knock on wood. I remember it made me pretty sick in my stomach for the rest of that day and the next day. Thank goodness for glucagon though, it saved me from having a potential disaster a few times.

I am 76 years old, been T1 since I was 10, and I've been using a pump for the last 14 years. But I have never had a glucagon shot. Before I started pumping, there were many occasions of severe hypoglycemia, where glucagon might have been useful, but it was never used.


I've been diabetic for 8 years now and never had to use it!  I have had a few scary lows but I've been able to get my bg up!!  hopefully I'll never use it!