Glucerna or ExtendBar (Other)?

I have used both Glucerna (drink and bar) and ExtendBar. Both have done some good things, but I get the feeling ExtendBar did more for me, being an athlete and being active a lot. What do you guys do? Which do you find helps you the most, if at any? They both taste pretty delicious to me.



Hey Adam.  We try to stick to more whole foods rather than supplements or meal replacements.  We find it works better with our health.  We find apples and peanut butter (or other nut butter) can be a really great snack for energy and exercise.  I am glad you are finding things that make you feel good!

I must have not written this properly or was unclear (sorry about that). I don't use it as a supplement or a meal replacement (I don't usually skip meals and LOVE apples. Peanut butter might be my favourite thing to the world. I was curious for snack bars (granola bars for example) just for snacks. I'm a whole foods person myself. Maybe glucerna is advertised as a meal supplement but that is NOT what I use it for and you're absolutely right, they should not be used for those purposes. I was just curious of which people prefer!! Thank your for your input though, glad we're on the same page.

Adam, I really like glucerna also. French vanilla is so good. I use it in the morning because I’m not much of a breakfast person, never was even when I was little. So those are a great way for me to get some nutrients and it was really easy for me when I was working because I could drink it on the way to work.

Interestingly enough as I said that it shouldn't be used as a meal replacement (I don't know why I said that), I was rushed this morning to work and grabbed 2 to have and they were perfect! Felt nice and full when I got to work. It is definitely convenient!