Glucose Meters: Are More Expensive Meters Better?

So I've been asking myself this question for a long time.  I use the One Touch Ultra Minis basically because I've gotten them for free from my doc and if I do have to buy one they're only like $20 and I've seen as low as like $14 on clearance at Walmart.  However I've thought about making an investment into a nicer meter if I really knew the benefits.  I don't particularly care about having one that stores and maps and graphs my patterns because in the famous words of AT&T "There's an app for that."  However, I do feel like sometimes I get random readings and so if they are more accurate I feel like that could be worth my money.  So if you know the differences (pros & cons) please enlighten me! :)



Just wondering if you can ask your endo about a different meter, seams like my daughter office has tons of them laying around.  Just ask at your next appointment if they could give you a few different brands to try out and see if you like them better :D

Here is a link to a great article I read over the Summer on this very topic.

Hi Matt, I don't know the answer to that but there is on one meter I want to buy.It is on the home page on dLife.-under Diabetes Gardgets and gizmos.....Bayer Contour USB meter.Test and Plugs right into the computer and you can download your info. It will show trends and such...It looks slim and small too. :)

I know that my endo had several meters and he gives them away willingly for free. As has been mentioned before (at least in other threads), the test strips are how the companies make their $, not the meters. Without an Rx, 1 bottle of Freestyle Flash strips costs $50! That's $1 / strip for you folks playing along at home.

Get an Rx and you can pay the same $50 for 600 strips! Or at least that's what mine is. They're still making $ off the test strips, but it's with Aetna's money, not mine O:-)

I hate to rub this in, but I don't pay a dime for my test strips!  I have an Rx and my medical insurance through work pays 100%!  Again, Pat, if you're playing along, that works out to $0 per strip! LOL

 Good thing, at the rate I go through them!

[quote user="Nads"]

I hate to rub this in, but I don't pay a dime for my test strips!  I have an Rx and my medical insurance through work pays 100%!  Again, Pat, if you're playing along, that works out to $0 per strip! LOL

 Good thing, at the rate I go through them!


I wish that I didn't have to pay for strips but it's not bad.  It's along the same lines as Pat but I only get 100 at a time and it's $10.  They gave me 150 one time and I was hoping it would be like that from now on so that I didn't have to get it filled quite as often but I think they made a mistake so they started giving me 100 again.  I'll ask my doc about other kits on my next apt.  

there is a good 1 tough meter (ultra smart) and it lets you program high low setting and what not so its a goof investment

I play with the one touch brand of meter's. I have the Ping Meter, I still have the meter from my MM pump, and also the one touch mini. Later today when i can gather the three of them all in one place I will run a test to see what happens number wise. I mean the cost of the meter should not matter, it is all the same basic components. It is not like the mini tests different than the ultra smart or ping. I will see what happens though with 3 meters, using the same sample of blood. I will move on to another sample and try again. I will do it three times and see what the difference is. Plus after that I will also use the control to ensure accuracy. I will get to the bottom of this for you.

So as promised I tested with three different One Touch meters today, doing a few different options. I used a One touch Ultra Link, One Touch Ping, and One Touch Ultra Mini:

Meter:     Ultra Link      Ping         Mini

                140              142          149       Right Middle Post Exercise

                143              155          153       Left Middle Post Exercise   

                152              162          146        Left Pink Post Excercise

                120               121          126       Control Test 1

                122              120           124      Control Test 2

                51               52              59        Low 1

                51               51              49        Low 2

My conclusion to the test is that really they all are relatively close in the end. The numbers I got with the mini were the most erratic, not that the ping meter were much better. The meter that seemed to show the least change in the few minutes I tested off and on was that of the Ultra Link, which is supposed to be the same as the Ping remote and I think the Ultra Smart Meter. All different prices though. So all in all the cost did not seem to matter, however I felt the Ultra meter which was more costly was slightly better.

Brian, you're my hero! I've often wondered if there was much difference between my ultra-link and my mini but never took the time to carry out a scientific test.  Thanks for the info!

No problem. I had an overflow of strips right now. So it was well worth my trying them out. Not to mention when I was using the mini strictly I had my doubts at times. I would sometimes test and get a 77 and go to myself. "Self, I feel worse than this 77." So I would test again and get a 54, and say to self, "Self that seems much better, but I wonder why I got a 77 the first time. Let me check one more time." So the third time I would get a 62. Very frustrating.

Brian, you and "Self" are starting to worry me!  LOL

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