Glucose readings

I just found out that I was pregnant last weekend.  I was told to maintain a 1900 calorie diet plan, making sure that I had three meals and three snacks. 

I have not been a person to snack, and I controlled my glucose levels with three meals a day.  I take Humalog every meal, and Lantus at night  By adding the snacks, it seems like my glucose reading are out of control.  I have low after meals, and highs after snacks.  Has anyone else had this problem, and has anyone had a good remedy for it?  Any help would be appreciated.



I was told Lantus was a no-no during pregnancy. My endo wouldn't even consider it for me. BUT I have heard of numerous women who have used Lantus during pregnancy. I guess it all depends on the doctor. I really have no idea what could be causing your highs and then lows. Very strange... With the lows, I would think it might come from insulin building up. For example, if I eat a snack with an insulin bolus and then an hour or so later I eat a meal, I might would usually bolus for let's say 6 units but because I still have insulin on board my pump will advise me to use a smaller bolus.

I am having crazy blood sugars also though and I just blame it on being pregnant. It has messed my numbers up. Before being pregnant I had PERFECT control. I kept my numbers between 80-130 all the time. Not so much now...

It might also help to see a nutritionist. I have seen one a few times and they are really helpful. Some foods cause instant highs where other foods can cause higher blood sugars hours after eating.

I miscarried at 12 weeks the first time we were pregnant.  So, we are being very cautious this time.  So, i appreicate all of the postings in this site  it is wondeful to here so many of the same situations that i have  I don't feel like I am alone.  I am curious why your doctor said no to the lantus  Did he give a reason?  I did switch to regular insulin twice a day atter the 8th week.  It did seem to do slightly better.  We are seeing if I can get control with the Lantus first. 


Look forward to hearing from everyone soon.


I was just told Lantus hadn't really been tested on women during pregnancy so it wasn't safe. It's rated category C by the FDA for use during pregnancy. My doctor wouldn't let me use it during pregnancy, but I did a little researching online and I read on other forums and websites that women did use it without complications. I guess it just depends on the doctor.

On Friday my Doctor left a message that he was going to see what my glucose readings were on Monday and may change my insulin from Lantus to NPH.  The only downfalls with that is one extra injection a day, and 3am readings.  But, even with the small amount of time I was pregnant the first time, the NPH seemed to regulate better.  So, maybe the Lantus is not a good. 

Has anyone had any lower back pain?  i am waking up every couple of hours at night with a horrible back ache.  Just wondering.