Hey all, I’m a loving BF of a wonderful woman w/ T1D. Does anyone have any experience w/ the drink supplement Glukos? I’ve seen it on Amazon for a sports supplement but was wondering if it would be helpful for my GF instead of gels packets. Just a thought.

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hi @Sprogisg Greg, welcome to Type One Nation. “Glukos” is glucose and has some salt mixed in and now branded as a miracle sport energy drink. CVS glucose is glucose and some starch to hold it together. DEX is glucose with starch holing it together… at least it isn’t sucrose… don’t get me wrong… fructose (sugar in fruit) and sucrose (sugar in coca-cola and a bazillion other things) both work in a pinch.

buy the cheap one. but also, get small bits at first because, for example, I cannot stand the artificial orange flavor and ended up with 5 large tubs of it at first… bleh

the best kind of carb is the one you have on you when a low hits. cheers good luck.