Glycemic Index

Does anyone take glycemic index into account? I don’t know much about it and was wondering if anyone could point me towards some information sources so I can learn more.

I have observed the Glycemic Index many times. There are some foods that I avoid because they cause a very fast spike in my BG. The items in the Index with the high numbers cause that problem. For example, I do not eat rice or white and wheat bread. The bread that I eat is seven grain, and only 9 carbs per slice. I never eat more than a half cup serving of potatoes or pasta.

I think it is worth taking into account. Mostly I think about whole foods and try to avoid refined carbs which have a higher glycemic index (white flour, white rice, white pasta). I find that whole foods with more fiber and protein release more slowly and keep bg more even. I think for health in general whole foods are good. I don’t follow it exactly but I do think it is worth studying a bit for health and keeping bg more stable.

I eat less than sixty grams of carbs in a day and am very active. With low carb intake it requires small insulin injection and therefore extreme high BG or dangerous lows are nearly impossible. Base the diet around meat eggs and green vegetables.