Go Blue on World Diabetes day

World Diabetes Day Shirts

Hello Everyone my name is Nicole and I just wanted to introduce myself and explain how the idea of ordering T-shirts for Wold Diabetes Day began.  My 3 year old daughter Cara was dx with Type 1 on Feb 13th of this year.  Since then I started to blog, the cheap therapy I call it.  I have met many, "D" moms and I have made amazing friends that I have never even meet before in my life and they are a huge part of my life now.  It just seemed over and over again at least one of us were blogging about the ignorance and the confusion there is around Type 1 Diabetes.  Many people are getting Type 1 and Type 2 very confused and it was leaving us mom's feeling very frustrated and misunderstood.  We wanted to make a difference and have people see Type 1.  So we thought that we would take the opportunity of World Diabetes Day to show our blue...   My blogger friend Joanne is helping with the American orders and I'm handling the Canadian orders.  I do know that a lot of trust goes into this because you are sending us money before you get your shirts but please we really just want to get the word out and have people see us!!  SO GO BLUE ON WORLD DIABETES DAY!!

If you would like to order a shirt for any of the 50 states please send an email to shirts@helpmefred.com and include the number of shirts, sizes and shipping address. Then, go to Paypal and send the money to shirts@helpmefred.com using your credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express).

If you are in Canada, the shirts will cost $7.00 CAD. The total price will depend on how much it will cost to ship. For Canadian orders, email wecaralot@gmail.com. with your number of shirts, sizes and shipping address and I will get back to you with the total cost.To pay, just go to http://www.paypal.com/, and enter that email in the "to" line.

In order to get the shirts to you by World Diabetes Day (November 14), we need you to send in your order and payment Tuesday, October, 27th.