Go off meds

Anyone else been able to go off all there meds and maintain good sugars? I have lost  about 30 lbs over the last 18 months, eat well and excercise  and barely take any insuline (15unitls 1 time a day of Lantis). I was diognosed as type 1, but am thinking maybe I was type 2?

I'm not sure what type of diabetes you have (you may want to ask your doctor for further testing) but it sounds like your body is still making insulin.  Have you researched much about type 1.5 diabetes?  It's a slow developing form of type 1.  

To answer your question, no I cannot go off meds and maintain good sugars.  If I eat nothing but don't have insulin a few hours a few hours my blood sugar jumps to 400 and keeps on climbing.  Without insulin, or with a small amount like 15u, I probably would live a few months or less.  

I think you are being kind and not firing the conclusion I would have Jenna. I have never heard of 1.5 though, I will have to research that one. I agree with what you say, but in my case I would not last 2 weeks taking that little of insulin, and most likely it would take less time to fall into coma. I do take Lantus, and Humalog when required, but my doses are closer to 1mL per day, which I split into twice daily doses.

When I first read this, I thought another snake oil trick that can never work, and I usually condemn those without too much finesse. I agree if he is for real, then someone needs to conduct meaningful tests and find the condition why he should take insulin at all.  I do know another man locally that has an illness in his pancreas and is diabetic from the entire organ failing. But his regimen is like most other type 1's most of the time, he does have short moments that he has to watch the amount of insulin he takes and the pump is about the only way he can control that.

You'd be surprised how long even a type 1 can live without insulin.  Back before injectible insulin was developed they put people with diabetes on starvation diets and they could live for months or even years.  Of course it would be awful and you'd feel terrible, but as long as you drink water to flush out keytones you wouldn't die right away.

I think your case may be another example of one of the mystery forms of diabetes.  Did you know that some kids who are initially diagnosed with type 1 regain islet cell function and the diabetes reverses?  I've seen a few online stories of this and then a couple years ago I met a man at church who had this happen.  He's currently in his early 30's and at age 12 was hospitalized with a type 1 diabetes diagnosis.  His body resumed making insulin and he has been fine since.  For over a decade after this happened he and his siblings gave blood every month and it was used in diabetes research studies to try to identify how the diabetes reversed.  

Diabetes is nothing, if not entertaining. =)

You can also be type 1 and be very sensitive to insulin before I went on the pump I was only taking 13u of lantus and 1 to 3u of humalog