Go Technology!

Has anyone else heard about those nano ink tattoos that they've discovered. I think they are pretty awesome, and I'm not a fan of tattoos. I really wish that they were moving quicker to get them out to the public though, I mean I was talking to my mom about them and she said that if they were available, I'd be getting a tatoo today. Also, has anyone heard about the Solo pump? I'm having no luck getting the omnipod with my insurance, so I'm looking at other pumps that are also available and I came across this one. If anyone has any more information on this new technology, I'm extremely interested in it.

Hi Cassie,I am excited about all the new things coming out !! I have been over at the dLife home page again.look at Gadgeta and Gizmos and thry show some new things.I want the meter by Bayer that plugs right into the computer.I like the way it is slim...That solo pump looks small and they say there are fewer infussion set changes,they talk about watches that will read your blood sugar-Want that if it comes out because my daughter hates to test....they talk about the soft contact lenses,tattoos etc....good things to think on :) Anyone have that Solo Pump ???

We got a sample of a Solo pump recently.  It is smaller and thinner than the Omnipod.  However,  The Solo pump will not be available until later this year in select areas.



I have never been so excited for new technology before! Have you heard when they are thinking about releasing the tattoos or the contacts? I'm not blind, but it would be kind of cool to have eyes that change...haha like the vampires in Twilight :)

Kimi,what did you think of it ? Would you pick it for the next pump to buy ? Thanks :)  And Cassie,I would drive my daughter up the wall trying to look into her eyes to see what her blood sugar was doing,ha :)