After six long months of changing my entire life and trying to understand how to deal with my diabetes diagnosis GOD has helped me bring my A1C's from 13.1 to 5.9. I could not have done this by myself. Thanks be to GOD!!

Wow, that is AMAZINGLY wonderful.  I'm happy for you.  :)

Yes i do agree that God is Great. i was Dx'ed alomst 12 years ago in jan. When I was 13 going on 14 I end up in the hoptai cause I was sick i was only there for about 3 hours. After that when I want to the doccter again my A1C was 6.6 and before it was 8.1. I do agree with u that God is Great. I am happy that u got ur A1C down from 13.1. That is great news.


God is not only great, but he is good as well! My blood sugars have never been this low in my life! My A1c is at 6.5%-it could be better-and i'm being more active. Blessed be God!

AMEN!  I can relate as we just found out two days ago that my son's A1C went down from 9.0!!! to 7.6!! I know GOD had something to do with it because I have to admit that as mom I was not as diligent as I should have been getting our Endo. his blood sugar readings often enough to keep a tight enough control of his management.