Goin' gluten-free

Hi folks,

Last Wednesday I was diagnosed with Celiac disease and am in the process of adapting my lifestyle to the gluten-free diet.

The biggest challenge so far for me is learning all the new carb values.  I had never before realized how wheat-centric North American culture is.  15g CHO in a slice of WHEAT bread, 15g CHO in 1/2 cup of WHEAT pasta, I had only recently come to an understanding with pizza and now that insulin:slice ratio is out the window because pizza dough counts differently when made with gluten-free flours.

Now, I should state that I haven't had an appointment with a nutritionist yet.  I'm still waiting on an appointment time - and hopefully it'll be soon.  There are a number of 'health' stores where I live that stock tons of gluten-free products - I found it really encouraging to discover the variety of stuff that's available.  And so far, it's all been pretty good!

I guess I'm just looking for some support during this transition and wondering if anyone else out there has Celiac disease and has any practical tips to share.


I wish you the best of luck!

Just doing a google search, which I am sure you probably have already done, could help.

I found this http://cdhnfsite.wms.cdgsolutions.com/user-assets/documents/pdf/GlutenFreeDietGuideWeb.pdf

if you haven't already looked it it gives helpful suggestions and even a grocery list.

Again... good luck and if there's anything specific that you would like for me to do I'd be happy to help!

Also once you are able to get an appointment with the nutritionist... s/he will probably give you a whole lot of information that will make your head spin!

Thank you, Melissa!  I hadn't come across this pdf yet and it's really informative.  Thanks for your support - it's so nice to know that people are so willing to help!



No problem! I love helping people.

I am a google expert (at least I would like to think of myself as one).

Someone asks a question or has a concern... I go to google and know the answer or a suggestion to the question within a few minutes!

Hey, have you tried out Quinoa?

It acts like rice or coos coos, but is gluten free and darn good. It is also a total protein which is very cool.

Anyway, check it out, I'm going to start swearing by it.