Going abroad

where would someone get supplies (as in humolog, test strips, and lancets) in these places?







Im really glad you posted this question because I am curious myself. I don't know exactly, but have you asked your Endo? They may have ideas. Hope some ideas will be posted to help you out. Are you planning trips abroad soon?

Check out the local hospitals and pharmacies and they can answer your questions.  Since there is universal healthcare over there you should be able to acquire what you need while visiting.  Might need to check out a doctor to get prescriptions for some stuff but I think you are covered for the most part.  You could probably even call the consulate and get info from them.

Huh. This is interesting because I never thought about this. I usually just stock up on supplies and pack insane ammounts around with me.


LOL - but how cool would it be to have a test strip from every country or something?!