Going back to injections

My son Joe was dx a month before his 10th birthday, he is now 13. When he was first dx he was totally against an insulin pump, but as time went on we finally talked him into it. He has been on the pump now for almost a little over a yr., everything seem to be going pretty good, until he had an incident while changing his pump site. He had flinched while doing his belly and it hurt him pretty bad and ever since than he has refused to do his abdomen or any where else other than his arms. Now as you many know from doing it in his arms over and over again he has built up a lot of scar tissue there and the doctor keeps telling him about it. To make a long story short we went on vacation last week to the beach and decided to disconnect from the pump for the week and do injections now he refuses to put the pump on altogether and says he would rather do shots, he said the only reason he did the pump was because we (mom & dad) wanted him to. Has anyone else decided that the pump wasn’t for them. I know I can’t think of myself, but it made my life so much easier when he was on the pump, now I constantly am worried about him.

I’ve been T1 for close to 25 years (diagnosed at age 4), and I have never used a pump; it’s always been shots for me.

I hate the idea of a pump, although I may consider going on one when my husband and I start trying to get pregnant. For me, though, shots have always worked really well.

My husband is a huge proponent of the pump, but I just don’t want it yet. To help him get more comfortable with T1, though, I did get a CGM (Dexcom). Do you have a CGM? That may be a way to ease your mind.

when I was diagnosed a pump wasn’t an option, and I was okay. I go on pump holidays once in a long while. for me the pump works great… but it isn’t for everybody.

I wouldn’t think shots are any more worry than a pump. on a failure based analysis, shots have less moving parts. There are even less failures due to batteries, occluded cannula, loss, dropped, soaked, and probably long lasting insulin offers more protection from DKA than a pump with only fast acting insulin.

if it’s financially possible - think about not stopping him from doing the shot thing and make up his own mind. When he makes the call he’ll own it.

I have been T1D since I was 10 yrs old and I have a daughter dx at 18 months old. I can’t imagine her having a pump at such a young age. How do you trust a kid to count carbs and bolus at school? The emotional scars it must have on him also is a factor. Kids just want to be like every other kid and the pump definitely singles them out. I didnt get one myself until 2 yrs ago and I have a love/hate relationship with it. Yes, my control is better, but it totally invades your life. It is a constant reminder. It saddens me how T1D parents are so overly vigilant with their kids. The thing you want most to remember is that self-management is the key to controlling diabetes. It is his to handle. Let him do the driving without nagging him. These are my opinions and everyone has one, but they are given with 49 years of experience. Good luck.

Thanks everyone for your input. I have always let him make the decisions when came to his diabetes care, because your right in saying that it is his to handle, but he still needs some guidance. I believe that he is also going through some teenage hormones right now which is also affecting his numbers and his attitude when it comes to his care. I just worry about long term affects that diabetes can have if it’s not managed properly. I am looking into a peer group for him, so maybe he will be able to see that he is not alone, and maybe talking to someone his own age that is going through the same thing will help him.

I reaIize I’m months late but just joined the group. I’ve been a diabetic for 20 years. Diagnosed at 4. When I was 13 i got on the pump after my drs pretty much told me I had to. For the most part it was great. I was able to eat more and be out with friends not worrying about shots…then about two years ago…after being on the pump for 8 years I got off it. The sites were failing. I was stressed in college worrying about it and I told my Dr I wanted off for the summer…that was about 2 years ago. My a1c is better I feel freer. I get roughly 2-8 shots a day but it’s my choice and I know I can go back when I want or need to. The pump is not always the answer it’s all situational! However for piece of mind get the CGM. I’m new to it but I can sleep soundly at night!!! Such a great thing!

This is very late in reply, and is entirely my opinion. With that being said, my 8 year old was diagnosed over two years ago. After two months of injections, he asked for the pump. Fortunately, we were able to provide one. As a child, he does not feel singled out with his pump. The rep for the Animas pump came in and trained all elementary staff involved with my child. The hospital mental health coordinator came into my son’s classroom to discuss T1D and help children become familiar with hit. My child is freer due to his pump. Yes, there are times when we have bad sites, or low batteries, however, he is a normal 8 year old like any other child. I can recommend a CGM and we are in the research process of this for our child. The pump allows my child more consistent blood sugars. We need to think of long term health goals and preventing side effects from T1D, if a pump is an option, I am all for it.

Hello!! My son is 15 , type 1 since Sept '12. Adamant that he will never have a pump. Injections are working ok for him. At his ladt appt he had developed a few lumps in his abdomen so he has now changed to doing shots in his legs. Seems ok with it. A pump is not without issues in my opinion. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hello. Someone with 49 yrs experience must know alot!!! I really agree with you when you say they have to own their diabetes etc And you dont think as a parent we should be over vigilant? I agree but here is my issue. …
My son is 15 , type 1 for 2 and a half yrs now. At first he followed instructions/advice very well and his hba1c readings were all good. There has been a dip and his last reading in Dec 14 was 9.4. We are due to go to hosp in 2 days infact and he said to me "its gonna be high again not as high as last time but high.
He isnt taking as much care as he was for some months now. He is 15 and wanting (and going) to go out with mates etc He’s a great kid…not a tearaway in anyway but a typical teen all the same. I regularly see him eating high carb snacks in between meals without giving an extra shot. (He doesnt want a pump btw).
When I see him eating the wrong foods between meals , I do comment but should I do kore. E.g. raise my voice, take his snack away and reinforce what damage he could do to himself. Or do I let him ride this phase through???