Going low

I was babysitting once and suddenly I felt all shakey for no reason. I checked, was low, and suddenly realized I had forgotten my own glucose! I was lucky there was regular soda there, but it was a lesson for me never to forget extra glucose.

Btw, I babysat for 2 boys (one is 10 and one is 8) saturday night and they were a HANDFUL! They would not get off the computer, then they would not calm down, and they weren't in bed when their parents got home (like, 9:30). I seem to always have trouble getting the kids to actually go to bed, stay in bed, and fall asleep! Any suggestions?

read to them before bed?

Well, I've asked them before if they wanted to read a story, but they said no. They're really active and love to jump around. Even if they did want one, they're German, so I wouldn't be able to even pronounce the words in the books. But I could try that with some other kids. Any other suggestions

honestly, this would be your call as to whether or not you could handle them outside, but when I'm baby sitting crazies, I  take them outside to play games. Like, only games that require a lot of energy. Race around the yard, or something that gets them exhausted. It always seems to work for me :)

Alyssa's advice is good.  Boys especially need to run around and burn off energy.  The only catch is that after playing they'll probably need an hour to calm down before they're ready for bed.  

Normally  I  Do a lot of activities during the day so when its time to go to sleep they are wiped I turn on their favorite show and sit on the couch with them, and if they are truly wiped they will fall asleep,

yes. I often have to babysit by siblings. 1 sister& 3 brothers. they are always crazy. when I am done watching them my BG is always low.