Going off the pump for short time spans

i go camping in april/may about 6 hours north of toronto every year.  for the 5,6,7 days i am doing so much excercise (ie 2k portage with 70 kilos on my back )  that i do not need my humalog.  it is the one week of the year that i can down sugar/carbs and burn them off BIG time.  it is a fun week. 

the problem is that on mdi i still use my lantus at night. 


my question is this.  for those few days am i better to do the lantus at night via mdi  or go off insulin completely for the few days.


i do not intend to take the pump with me camping

Bruce - my son goes off his pump every summer for camp.  He actually loves the break.  Check in with your doc but you are a type 1 and without basal insulin you would likely be setting yourself up for DKA.  I would stick with the lantus and then have a humalog pen around for corrections if/when you need it.  He is crazy active at sports camp and runs miles and miles a day and still typically needs a correction here and there.  Hope that helps!

Talk to your doctor about reducing your Lantus dose so it will give you basal coverage but not cause lows.  Then pack your Lantus and Humalog and plenty of syringes and test strips so you're ready for whatever happens.  

I got a stomach bug once on a camping trip and my blood sugars instantly skyrockete.  I couldn't keep liquid down so I was headed toward DKA.  A friend carried me out the last mile.... I wouldn't have made it if he hadn't.  So bring short acting insulin just in case.

I worked as a camp counselor for 2 years (one summer in Washington state and another summer in Colorado) and would barely need any insulin for the first week when my body was adjusting to the increased activity.  But by the second week my body was in better shape and because it was more efficient I burned less glucose and needed more insulin.  So it's also good to have the short acting in case your blood sugars start coming back up the last few days of your trip.

And I ALWAYS ate a snack with carb and protein before bed after a full day of hiking.  Packets of peanut butter crackers are good and are light to pack in.