Going out at College :)

Hey guys!

So I've been at college for nearly 3 months now and I've gone out to the clubs a few times... just to dance, I don't drink at all. My problem is that I run high after dancing for 3 hours. Last time I did a 200% temp basal from 11 pm - 2 am, and tested when we left at 2 and I was 90... one granola bar and 5 hours later I was nearly 300.

I've had a pretty rough time with my blood sugars since getting here. Just wondering if any of you might have any advice for this aspect of college :)



Amanda, how long had it been since you had eaten, before you danced? If you had no carbs in your system and did all that dancing, then your liver gave you a lot of glucose to keep you from falling too low. It is commonly called a liver dump. The problem is that the liver delivers much more than you need. To keep this from happening you need to eat a snack before exercising (dancing) . That will put carbs into your body so your liver will not supply additional glucose. You should check your BG every 30 minutes while dancing, and eat additional carbs as needed. Glucose tablets work well for lows while exercising. If you start going high, then you have burned up all your carbs and your liver has started dumping again. You would need a correction bolus and a rest while things stabilized. Then maybe a snack, before dancing again.

Im in college too and i go out once a week for the most part. It can be difficult to manage while your out sometimes thats for sure!

 Ive never found that i run high when im out. I tend to run the risk of going low so I bring snacks and sugar, i think thats from both drinking alcohol and dancing combined.

I wish i could help but im not on a pump so im not sure what to suggest! :(

i hope that you get it sorted out it would be annoying to fluctuate that much when your trying to have a good time!

That's interesting, Richard, I didn't know about that. I usually eat dinner around 6, so it would be 5-8 hours after I ate. Eating seems like the opposite thing to do but I understand your point! Thanks for the advice.

Meredith, yeah, it does kinda suck. I haven't been brave enough to "pregame" and drink yet... :) Someday... 

i agree with richard snacks really help!

you really dont need alcohol to have fun in college at all! sometimes i just go out and dance its great!. if you do try to drink one day make sure you have plenty of snacks and keep on top of your blood sugar if you do.. especially when you go to sleep that night. :)