Going out with friends. =-

i love going out with my friends 2 the movies and beach n just walking around but it sucks bcuz they all dont like me taking my shots when i'm with them... and i have to eat at a certian time every day and its not my fault but they say they dont like it but they understand why does any one eles have any problems like this ?

a lot of my friends get grossed out with it, but i just tell them to deal with it. they're like "go to the bathroom to do your shot" but i just dont really listen to them because its not really their say on how i take care of my diabetes and give myself shots and stuff... some of them have just gotten used to it too...

Exactly. If they can't handle it, that's their problem because like it or not, diabetes is something you deal with and something you take care of. If they would rather not watch, they don't have to. But what they should do is support you in this, and if you feel comfortable pointing that out to them you can.

yeahh , lol i tell 'em "get over it" but they still think its gross but not 1 of them cuz his mom has it and he somthims helps me bcuz he gives his mom shots.

Well, embrace what they offer and brush off what they don't. Diabetes is a big responsibility, so for people to take on what we do by choice is very big of them, especially at our age.

Some people just think needles are gross. Its fairly simple, if not frustrating. But you can tell them that, too, that it isn't that bad and to please quit saying that.

whenever they get freaked out by the needles i remind them how small they actually are... then one kid i know gets freaked out at the doctors when she needs shots and then i always have to remind her thats it completely different than that...

one time one kid was like "just dont do the shot in front of me, and if you dont wanna leavee then dont do the shot cuz im not leaving"... lets just say we're not friends anymore!

OK, I know I'm the odd man out on this one (actually I think there is one other person around here who agrees with me).  But if it grosses your freinds out and makes the uncomfortable, isn't it kind of inconsiderate on your part to do it in front of them anyway and tell them to lump it?  If you had some other things you said or did that bothered them, wouldn't you try not to do it around them?  I know we have to do shots to live, but we don't HAVE to do it in front of everyone.  Most people in this world are afraid of needles and it grosses them out to see people giving themselves shots, myself included.  I try to be considerate and do it in private.  I also don't think it's anyone elses business.  IMHO  :)

I have that problem also. My biggest problem is taking my shots and blood sugar around friends. Alot of my friends are squeamish or they just hate the thought of needles. I usually just go to the bathroom to test my bs and take my insulin becasue other wise it gets awk. I feel weird when they are like "I have to look away until you are done with that." It makes me feel like I am really weird and more different then I already am. But then I don't get mad at them because I think to myself "If I did not have diabetes and only took shots or saw blood at the doctors office maybe I would act the same way." I would like to talk to my friends about it but I just don't know if me talking about it would be helpful. This ends up in me just skipping a shot or something until I am alone by myslef. Its a bad habit that I need to break.

omg skip a shot ??? u cant do that thats a really bad thing lol well not funny but yeahh , u really shouldnt do that...

my ex boss used to get mad at me for taking shots on the job. telling me its gross and "cant let the customers see that".  yeah cuz thats my fault. grrr my friends are all used to it though. matter of fact. they want me to test their blood sugars more then i want to check mine. lol

OK, I suppose (alright, he is) DDrumminMan is right. Diabetics' ediquette is important as well. But will other peoples' nervousness around my needles stop me from what I need to do? No. If I can find a more discreet or less-impacting way to do that in the presence of those it bothers, will I do that? Yes.

For example? At school I check my blood sugar in the bathroom at lunch (it also helps that I have access to a sink so I can wash before hand. That was random, but I don't want to get it across that I'm an only-test-in-the-bathroom kind of person... which I'm not lol). I bolus with my pump down to my side or in my lap. I turn away if I'm giving a shot. I don't care if people watch or look; it doesn't bother me so long as it doesn't bother them. But if it is something I need done then at that exact moment, I'm not going to take the time to be descreet about it. Will I in most cases? Probably.

So I'm in the middle, I suppose. I can't stand when people squeal, especially after they've asked to  watch.... >:P But that's just me.

And so? Post over :) I apologize that it took so long for me to explain such an insognificant thing haha! But thank you for pointing that out, DDrumminMan.

Okay, I am all for diabetes etiquette while on shots and while testing. The thing is, I refuse to do it in the restroom. I think that is very gross and unsanitary. Bathrooms are where you clean what is dirty, not do what must be clean.

I learned to be the insulin ninja. I could test my sugar and take a shot faster then anyone else could notice, right in front of people. I'd just sit down at a table and do every thing in my lap under the table. If anyone noticed I'd shot them a look to tell them to turn their heads. I was being considerate hiding my needle, they could be considerate and not make a big deal. I never had problems with this method. I found that I got the least or no fuss from people if they never see the syringe.

As far as eating on time. Ya just gotta do what you have to do there. Carry crackers and snacks so you don't have to leave the group or stop what you are doing. Maybe look into lantus if you are still on nph, lantus will make changing up meal times easier. Then you will also have the option to use the insulin pen which is much more viewer friendly.