Going to the Beach with friends

My daughter, 16 years old and diagnosed 4 years ago, is going on vacation to the beach with her best friend and her family. The father is OK with the whole diabetes issue, but the mother is not at all comfortable. We will be meeting with them this week to talk about what to expect.

My daughter is very self sufficient in handling her diabetes. She is on Lantus and Novolog, so gets 4 injections a day. She

I am hoping for any advice from other parents who have had the experience of their child with type 1 going away with another family. Any advice on how to give enough information without overloading the parents?

Thanks in advance


While we have not experienced the going away with friends thing, I have noticied that with caretakers and friends that watch my son, we give them one thing at a time to get comfortable with.  Then the next time they are together give them something new.  It keeps them from being overwhelmed.  I don't know your timeframe for her trip, but this approach may help with an uncomfortable mother as well.  Also, it may help their confidence if your daughter is the one who does the explaining to them.  This could help them understand that they have help from the person it matters to the most and that they aren't the only ones involved, responsible and concerned.  Good luck.


The idea that the information, at least most of it,  should come from my daughter is a great point.