Going to the endo on wednesday!

On Wednesday i have to go to my endo and i am hopeing that i will have a better A1C than the last time ( it was 8.8) and they want it beow 7% so wish me good luck and i will tell you how it goes

I'm going on thursday, hoping for the same thing, first A1C since being on the pump!

i have been on the pump since i was 9 years old

I'm going on Friday, good luck!

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I'm going on Friday, good luck!


Me too -- Friday. I'm off to a good start b/c I lost my lab slip, so I have to go by the endo's office tomorrow, hope they'll give me a new one, and then go to the lab. I'm going to be upset if I can't find out my a1c, b/c otherwise, why go, you know?

Good Luck to all of you !!! Let us know how it goes.

thanks i will i have to go at 9:30am which mean's i have to get up at 6:30am

Good Luck! I go next thursday! I can't wait to see if my A1C has come down any.

OK Guy's a update on how it want

my A1C is 6.2

Great Job Jaimie on your A1C !!!


I'm happy for you about the great a1c! I wish I had had such good control at your age. Keep up the hard work. (:

thanks all what i really do is put in what i eat

Yay! I find out next week what mine is. Mine used to be like 5.6 but then it went up to 7.9. Hopefully it's came down.

Got my A1c Results today:  went down from 8.1 to 7.3 over the last month and a half while being on the Omnipod.  That is the biggest drop in my A1c since I have been diagnosed.  Definitely improving!

Congratulations Michael!  That news sure must have put a smile on your face!  ?

Good job both of you!  I am going in October.  My last one was 7.8!  I am really hoping and working for under 6.5!  Off to the gym!

It is always good to get nice numbers from the doctor. Granted I had apparently gained 7 pounds which is sad, I was happy with my a1c of 5.6. My goal is now to get it to 5.6. :-p Keep up all the good work all of you though.

I can't even imagine a 5.6 in my wildest dreams!!!  Good luck!  My last one was 6.9; I'm aiming for a 6.5 next time.

I ended up going last Thursday instead of Friday and my a1c is down to 5.7. It's mostly because I've been low a lot from sports over the last few weeks, it's usually in the low 6s.