Going to the endocrinologist, yikes, numbers are not good! <hiding in kitchen cabinet>

I have a doctor’s appt. tomorrow 9:30am with my endocrinologist. She is super sweet but I am so afraid to see her. I have gained weight, not good. My blood sugars are heinous. I have uncontrolled bi-polar disorder and my doctor has resorted to prescribing Abilify (on another post I’ll delve into the depression end of diabetes) which has sent to my readings to the moon and over. Every time I see Dr. G I feel like a failure. Now I haven take ten steps back, plus put on twenty pounds. I have been avoiding this appt. like the plague. I don’t know how to move from fear to function. From denial to honesty. And immobility to action to fix this mess and work with her.

Anybody have any kind, effective advice (my doctor says, I am hard enough on myself). Thanks J


No advice, only well wishes.


Maybe think of your doctor as someone who is trying to help you, not judge you?  If your doctor is judging you, time to get a new doctor.  Your doctor's appt. should not be a test.  I think we get too hung up on the numbers.

Maybe come in with a list of questions and see if you can work together?  Your appt is an opportunity to get some new information and advice to be more successful.

I wish you all the best.

Try to view her as a counselor or coach. Tell her what you are struggling with and ask for her help in developing a plan to improve over the next few months. Make sure it is a do-able plan. Maybe the first thing to tackle is if Abilify is helping your bi-p, and you want to stay on it, then it is your endos job to help figure out what changes need to be made in your insulin dosing so that your BGs are better. That's her job to figure out drug-drug interactions - not yours. :) Then work out a plan for ONE thing that you can work on for your next appt. (is it more BG checks, or logging, or what?) Just agree on ONE with your doctor. Then it will not be so overwhelming. Then at your next visit you can add ONE more. 

I hope that helps - my mom has been struggling with depression for over 2 years and I know stressful situations can be almost impossible when your mental health isn't good. I wish you the best.

I agree with DDrummin. If your doctor is not judging you, you cannot judge yourself. When you meet with her open up, tell her what is bothering you. But ask for guidance and advice. Try to see if she has any points or tips that will help you get through this momentary issue. We all fall, we all slip, if your doctor is as great as you feel she can help you through this. Maybe you might need to adjust numbers and such, but this is a fixable problem and I truly hope you are able to get through this. Your docotr is there for you, not the other way around.

As for the weight, My weight has been erratic all throughout my life. It is something you can work towards fixing as well. Do not be discouraged, if you feel you need to lose the twenty pounds, work on it slowly, and you should see results.