Going to the waterpark

My son is a new Omnipod user and we are heading out to Great Wolf Lodge (waterpark) next week. Although he did fine in the pool earlier this week, today the Omnipod came off when he jumped off the diving board! I’m concerned about our trip, that with the slides and wave pool, that we won’t be able to keep the pump on him! Does anyone have experience with keeping the pods in place?

Skin Tac or Coban Tape - I think Skin Tac for the Omnipod is overkill because you’re still working with a 3 day window. But Coban Tape works awesome for prolonged water activities or extreme sweat.

Hi there. When I was using the older pods, they would come off frequently. I found some things on Amazon that helped keep my pod on longer… Tegaderm film works really well, but is a bit obvious, if he’s concerned about that. Also, look up skin adhesive sprays and wipes (also on Amazon)… I don’t have any around at this time, but I know there are adhesive sprays and wipes that I tried out and they worked as well. I hope this helps… and, for the sake of stating the obvious, keep some extra pods and insulin on hand just in case… I always have at least two pods and 1/2 a vial of insulin available… I once went through an unfortunate incident of going through four pods, while out of town, with no way to get any new supplies (three days camping)… thankfully, the last one worked! Good luck, and I hope you all have an amazing time!
BTW… I have worn pods at a waterpark, and they stayed on pretty well if I put them on correctly… no lotion on skin, prepped with alcohol, and allowed to fully adhere at least an hour before going in any water…

Good tips! And thank you for the encouragement! Oh yes - I need to remember those extra supplies!