Gone for the weekend

i'm headed to tofino, bc for the night to shoot a friend's wedding/attend it with a few others who are willing to make the 5hour drive from victoria to camp for one night and go to the wedding on the beach!!


i'll be back late sunday afternoon, and most likely will come straight home and go to bed so you'll probably hear from me again on monday!


i'm driving a total of 10hours this weekend(as my friend has to be back in town for work at 5pm sunday!) since im the only one going up in my car who can legally drive(and knows how to)...so wish me luck on not going low!!  (i'm thinking im going ot underdose my novorapid for breakfast to make sure I dont)

Just make sure to bring lots of easy to eat while driving snacks and pull over if you have to! Have fun =)

yup :) my mom got me 4cans of coke, two for each direction, and two grocery bags of snack food, plus two sandwiches for each of us haha.

drive careful and have a great time !!